13th DigiCon6 Awards: Hong Kong Region – Winners List

Work Title

First Prize

Meeting of the Half Moons

Ng Ho-Yin  ( School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Second Prize

Happy Old Man

Radio TelevisionHong Kong/ Red Production Limited

Third Prize

My Poor Neighborhood

Radio TelevisionHong Kong/ Simage Animation & Media Limited

Fourth Prize

Dora B

Radio TelevisionHong Kong/ Pixel Workshop Production Company

Fifth Prize

Always Out There

Simage Animation & Media Limited

Prize of Effort

Shanghai Expo 2010 – Hong Kong Pavilion theme movie

Film Magic Limited

Prize of Effort

See You Later

Film Magic Limited / Amusic Limited /

Imagi International Holdings Limited

Prize of Effort

Twenty Dollars

Lam See-Chit

(AcademyofFilm,Hong KongBaptistUniversity)

Prize of Effort

Riverside Scene of McDull

ManyMany Creations Limited

Prize of Effort

Rainbow Hill

Radio TelevisionHong Kong/ Biglabel Production Company

Prize of Effort

Work It Out Studio Self-promotion short film

Work It Out Dance Studio

Prize of Effort

Taste the Life


Prize of Effort

Something about Melody

Zhou Jia

(SIG,SchoolofCreativeMedia,CityUniversityofHong Kong)

“Meeting of the Half Moons” also won the HKDEA Best Hong Kong Culture Award

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